Melina Nikolaidi

Despina Vandi releases her new song "Ya Habibi"!

Despina Vandi released her new song with the Kings titled "Ya Habibi" on Friday! Although just a few hours old,…

2 months ago

Despina Vandi makes tsourekia with her daughter Melina Nikolaidi - Watch the video

Despina Vandi is preparing for Easter, together with her daughter Melina Nikolaidi, as seen in the last post she made…

2 months ago

Melina Nikolaidi responds to the negative comments about Despina Vandi and Vasilis Bisbikis

Melina Nikolaidi reacted to the criticism that her mother Despina Vandi received for her public expressions of love to her…

3 months ago

Melina Nikolaidi: Despina Vandi and Demis Nikolaidis' daughter turned 19

The daughter of Despina Vandi and Demis Nikolaidis, Melina, turned 19 and celebrated birthday in London. Vandi, beaming with happiness,…

4 months ago

Despina Vandi's trip to London with her daughter Melina Nikolaidi

Despina Vandi traveled to London to visit her daughter, Melina Nikolaidi. The singer's daughter moved there in recent months due…

4 months ago

Melina Nikolaidi awkwardly kisses her partner in the night club where Despina Vandi sings

Melina Nikolaidi is in love and certainly does not hide it. The 19-year-old daughter of Despina Vandi and Demi Nikolaidis…

5 months ago

Despina Vandi's daughter became blonde - See the photo

The daughter of Despina Vandi and Demis Nikolaidis, Melina Nikolaidi, has become a blonde. Strangely, many even wondered if the…

6 months ago

Despina Vandi to her daughter for the duet: "I will never forget this moment"

Despina Vandi performed a memorable concert on Wednesday night at the Katraki Theatre for staging Melina Nikolaidi, with the mother…

12 months ago

Some of Despina Vandi's last moments with Melina Nikolaidi as she prepares for university

Despina Vandi continues to impress us with her style and aesthetics, and as it seems, her styling has passed onto…

1 year ago


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