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Kids Love Greece famiiy travel agency

Kids Love Greece: Best Travel Agency for Families

Should you travel to Greece with your family? The answer is a resounding “Definitely, YES!”.  Kids Love Greece is a travel agency focusing exclusively on family vacation to Greece, helping families to create amazing memories that last forever.

Delphi Greece

Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Greece

Greece has been topping the lists of ‘safe destinations for travellers’ this year as it strives to revive its key tourism sector, which was battered by the pandemic in 2020. In anticipation, we’ve complied a list of the top 10 tourist destinations in Greece that you will definitely want to visit at least once in your lifetime.  

Greek Easter destinations

The top Greek destinations for a special Easter

Across the country, from north to south, and all around the Greek islands, Easter customs and traditions are preserved unchanged through the centuries. Here are some of the most popular Easter destinations in Greece, that honour and welcome the holiday of Easter in special ways, offering unique experiences to visitors.

Truffle hunting season set to start in Meteora 8

Truffle hunting season set to start in Meteora

The truffle hunting season in Meteora is set to begin in the first half of March and will run until the end of October. The Museum of Natural History and Mushroom Museum of Meteora will hold a truffle hunt after which the truffles will be handed over to chefs who will make a truffle pasta for all to enjoy in a forest picnic.