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Germany can play a key role in the region, says Greek Foreign Minister

Foreign Affairs Minister Nikos Dendias also met with Minister-President (Ministerpräsident) of North Rhine-Westphalia Armin Lasche in Athens on Monday, where they discussed Turkey’s provocative actions and the migration crisis. Dendias told Laschet that…

Violent clashes between illegal immigrants in Malakasa 3

Violent clashes between illegal immigrants in Malakasa

A man was seriously injured after a fierce clash took place in the Malakasa migrant camp last night. According to information from Security News, the incident was between men of Afghan origin.…

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Germany to take another 249 refugee children from Greece

Two hundred and forty-nine refugee children will be relocated to Germany, the country’s interior minister Horst Seehofer announced on Wednesday, noting that most of the minors are sick or the siblings of…


550 refugees with free movement permits, leave Lesvos

Some 550 refugees from the island of Lesvos who were granted with an international protection applicant’s card, have departed from the island over the last four days. Of those, 150 left on…


Illegal migration to Greece comes to a near standstill

According to Greek government sources illegal migration flows have come to a near standstill, noting huge decreases since the coronavirus outbreak. Specifically, 2,773 refugees and migrants arrived in Greece in April 2019,…

Syriza to rename its party in June 16

Syriza to rename its party in June

In June, Syriza will apparently get its new name as part of the party’s enlargement plan. At the meeting of the Syriza Political Council – Progressive Alliance, the restart of the party…