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Giorgos Mazonakis releases new hit song 'Ena Thavma" (VIDEO) 3

Giorgos Mazonakis releases new hit song ‘Ena Thavma” (VIDEO)

“Ένα Θαύμα”, is the new hit song by one of Greece’s favourite Giorgos Mazonakis, released by Minos EMI/Universal. The deep and meaningful lyrics were written by Eleni Giannazoulia, and the music by…

Kafedaki with Christella Demetriou 4

Kafedaki with Christella Demetriou

By Anna Cominos Christella Demetriou is a popular and talented bouzouki player who has lived in Cyprus, Athens and Melbourne, working as a composer, musician, and visual artist. Much of her musical…