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'Smart' traffic lights

‘Smart’ traffic lights coming soon to Athens

‘Smart’ traffic lights equipped with surveillance cameras to monitor pedestrians and motorists, will soon be installed across the Greek capital, in.gr reported. The plan was revealed during the presentation of the upgraded…

Why We Can’t Wait for Christmas in Athens 1

Why We Can’t Wait for Christmas in Athens

Lights It may not be as astonishing as London or New York, but Athens at night during Christmas oozes with twinkling seasonal charm. Stars and other Christmas-shaped lights line the main streets,…

Petros Iakovidis' new song "Min Tolmiseis" 4

Petros Iakovidis’ new song “Min Tolmiseis”

Greek singer, Petros Iakovidis has released his new song “Μην Τολμήσεις.” You can’t forget that apart from having an incredible singing voice, he is also a talented songwriter and composer. The lyrics…