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‘Routes of Faith’: Religious Tourism in Thessaly

The Region of Thessaly in Northern Greece has announced an awe-inspiring tourism project entitled ‘Routes of Faith’, an initiative which aims to connect two landmark sites of Orthodox Christianity, the Meteora and Mount Athos.


Red Eggs for Greek Easter and how to win

The game of cracking red eggs, or “tsougrisma” as the Greeks call it, symbolises the breaking open of the tomb and Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. The custom takes place after the resurrection on Easter Saturday at midnight or the following day during Paschal feasts.

Clean Monday Flour smudging Alevromoutzouromata in Galaxidi

Alevromoutzouromata (Flour Smudging) in Galaxidi

Although celebrated throughout Greece, nobody celebrates ‘Clean Monday’ quite like the residents of Galaxidi who hold an annual ‘flour war’ or alevromoutzouromata (flour smudging), whereby all and sundry flock to the streets armed with sacks of ‘ammunition’ such as colourfully dyed flour, soot and confetti.