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Shops in the centre of Athens can open on Sundays in 2021

Exploring Plaka This Summer: Top Attractions and Events

Plaka is the oldest and most picturesque neighborhood in Athens. It is known for its cobblestone streets, neoclassical buildings, and lively atmosphere. This summer, visitors can explore the many attractions and events that Plaka has to offer, such as the Ancient Agora, the Acropolis Museum, and the Plaka Flea Market.

Milos Lunar Landscape of the Cycles Kleftiko

Milos: A Lunar Landscape in the Cyclades

With ethereal landscapes that take you to otherworldly places, Milos is not only one of the leading Greek and travel destinations, but also a natural geological museum. Starting from the northern end of the island let’s take a tour of some of the trademark beaches of the geologically wealthy island of Milos.

Tavern of Psarras

The Tavern of Psarras: The oldest restaurant in Greece, operating since 1898

The oldest restaurant in Greece is located in Plaka, Athens, and it is called “The Old Tavern of Psarras” (Η Παλιά Ταβέρνα του Ψαρά), which translates to “The Old Tavern of the Fisherman” remains one of the country’s most beloved restaurants over 100 years after it first opened its doors.

Kids Love Greece famiiy travel agency

Kids Love Greece: Best Travel Agency for Families

Should you travel to Greece with your family? The answer is a resounding “Definitely, YES!”.  Kids Love Greece is a travel agency focusing exclusively on family vacation to Greece, helping families to create amazing memories that last forever.