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Six Superb Greek Islands for Foodies 2021

Greek islands offer the finest local delicacies and this is an article for those who look to be taken away by both natural beauty and local gastronomy. This gastronomical journey of six Greek islands, notorious for their local cuisine and the most popular dishes and spots is sure to satisfy your appetite for Greece.

Greek airports announce record breaking year 3

Greek airports announce record breaking year

Greece’s airports have peaked with international visitors in 2018, recording an additional 680,000 passengers in the January-October period and a 9.6 percent increase in the number of flights, compared to the whole year in…

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Airports around Greece break all- time record

Airports throughout Greece have seen a record-breaking 10 percent rise in passenger traffic from January through to September this year, with the Civil Aviation Authority reporting more than 53 million passengers during this…

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Greece’s airports nationwide reach record numbers

Greece’s airports nationwide have reached new heights, welcoming over 34.4 million passengers in the first seven months of the year, which marks a 10.1 percent rise from this time last year, according to the Hellenic…