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Ancient Greek Philosophers' Guide to Happiness

Ancient Greek Philosophers' Guide to Happiness

In our ceaseless quest for happiness, we often find ourselves contemplating its nature and seeking the keys to unlock its elusive door. What truly constitutes happiness? How can we navigate the complexities of life and discover enduring contentment? As we ponder these profound questions, the wisdom of Greek philosophers emerges as a guiding light, with their insights into the pursuit of happiness remain profound and relevant even today.

John Argyropoulos

Greatest Greeks of the World: John Argyropoulos, an Apostle of Greek Language and Philosophy

Academic and Byzantine thinker John Argyropoulos pioneered the revival of classical Greek learning in 15th-century Italy, contributing hugely to the restoration of the classical studies and connecting humanists with the Greek spirit. With Leonardo Da Vinci counted amongst his numerous notable students, Argyropoulos’ translations and teaching of Greek philosophy helped to disseminate Greek culture to the Western world.

Rude Talk in Athens Mark Haskill Smoth

Rude Talk in Athens

The days of Ancient Greece may have been the golden age of Democracy, but for comic playwrights, it was the age of ‘Rude Talk’. Mixing history, literary criticism, and dirty jokes, Mark Haskell Smith pays tribute to a slew of forgotten Greek writers in his latest book ‘Rude Talk in Athens’ that will feed the intellect as well as tickle the funny bone.