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St Basils Lakemba kitchen aged care nutrition

The importance of providing quality nutrition in elderly care

The best estimate of malnutrition in Australian community home care settings is around 15% thus ensuring that nutritional needs are met in aged care is an extremely important task. Premier provider of long-term aged care, St Basil’s has exceeded all outcomes in recent accreditation of food safety standards so we talk to them about this complex issue.

Caring for our much loved elderly during COVID-19 times 3

Caring for our much loved elderly during COVID-19 times

The attempt to shield the elderly and vulnerable during these unprecedented times of COVID-19 has given birth to a new set of health concerns for this much loved demographic that need to be addressed.

Personal Stories - Giannis Hatzikiriakos 8

Personal Stories – Giannis Hatzikiriakos

A touching life story abut Giannis Hatzikiriakos – a migrant who never gave up. [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyjToAL-jUA[/embedyt]  

Dementia Garden for Saint Basil's Hellenic Village 42

Dementia Garden for Saint Basil’s Hellenic Village

Miranda MP Eleni Petinos has announced $16,500 funding for a dementia garden at St Basil’s Hellenic Village in Miranda. “Residents at St Basil’s will soon be able to enjoy their new dementia…