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Stay at home. Our success depends on our compliance.

At the time of writing, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has reportedly infected 5,588,356 people worldwide and 347,873  people are deceased. That number need not have been so high. So what lessons can be learnt?

Natasa Theodoridou

‘Stay Home’ with Natasa Theodoridou and her music (VIDEO)

Another week, another up close and personal concert enjoyed in your lounge room… During the past few weeks, MEGA viewers have appreciated special remote concerts from Antonis Remos, Anna Vissi, Giorgos Dalaras and…


‘Stay Home’ with Melisses and their music (VIDEO)

Singing and dancing at home is encouraged while you watch Greek pop-rock band Melisses’ remote concert. During the current coronavirus pandemic, music can play an important role in improving your mood and lowering stress.…

Georgios Dalaras

‘Stay Home’ with Giorgos Dalaras and his music (VIDEOS)

The emotional power of music, especially in times of crisis, has been demonstrated the past few weeks as the worldwide coronavirus crisis continues. Giorgos Dalaras enters viewers homes and accompanies us with…

anna vissi

‘Stay Home’ with Anna Vissi and her music (VIDEOS)

Many artists aren’t simply adapting to these new circumstances; they’re using this time to share music that speaks directly to our current moment. Following the success of Antonis Remos, Greek Cypriot artist…

Rocky-DImitri Spiliopoulos Holt play The Last Post on Anzac Day

8 Year Old Boy’s Touching Anzac Day Tribute

An 8 year old boy has wowed his entire Sydney street this morning as he blasted out a heartfelt rendition of The Last Post on cornet from his driveway this Anzac Day morning, a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand for those who served or have been killed in war.

Antonis Remos

‘Stay Home’ with Antonis Remos and his music (VIDEOS)

As the coronavirus pandemic sent the world into lockdown mode, staying at home and being in isolation doesn’t mean you can’t be entertained. Right now, music feels more necessary than usual. Popular…

stay home

The importance of staying home over the Easter break (GREEK)

The Australian government has urged everyone to help combat the spread of coronavirus by staying at home over the Easter weekend. The coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on families and their spiritual lives,…