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Theatre for All: 7th Lysicrates Prize Who is Australia's most promising playwright You Decide

Who is Australia's Most Promising Playwright? You Decide

The annual Lysicrates Prize competition – where the audience votes for the winning playwright who receives a $15,000 commission to complete the full play – takes place tomorrow and you could be part of it and witness the birth of a new Australian classic!

Theatre for all Lysicrates Prize

Theatre for All: Be Part of the 7th Lysicrates Prize

The Lysicrates Prize is an annual competition that showcases some of Australia’s most exciting playwriting talent and awards the commission of that play. The 7th Lysicrates Prize will be held on Saturday 29th April 2023 at the Conservatorium of Music and tickets are now available.

Lysicrates Prize Winner 2015

The Lysicrates Prize: Theatre for All. From Athens, 334 B.C. to Sydney, 2020 A.D.

In 2015, John and Patricia Azarias established the Lysicrates Foundation to raise funds towards the restoration of the Lysicrates monument and to honour it by holding an annual Lysicrates Play Competition nearby.

The Lysicates Foundation aims to take the ancient Athenian mould to give a platform to world-class theatrical talent, making the Lysicrates Prize the People’s Choice and an iconic event in Sydney’s cultural calendar.