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14th August 1996- Solomos Solomou was shot dead

14th August 1996- Solomos Solomou was shot dead

On August 14th 1996, Solomos Solomou, cousin of Tassos Isaac, was shot dead by a Turkish soldier while climbing a flagpole to remove the Turkish flag from its mast in the United…

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#Greece taken over by Turkish flags on Instagram

Instead of #Greece featuring glamorous photographs of Greece on Instagram, over the last few hours the hashtag has been taken over by the Turkish flag. It is believed that Turkish hackers are…

Ioannis Lagos

Greek politician rips Turkish flag in European Parliament

Former Golden Dawn MP, Ioannis Lagos ripped a printed copy of the Turkish flag during a session in the European Parliament on Wednesday, where he is serving as an independent MEP. Lagos…


Turkish flag found planted on Greek territory

According to reports by media outlet Evros-news.gr, unknown persons planted a Turkish flag yesterday on a small islet belonging to Greece, which is found in the river Evros in the vicinity of…