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Vegetarian Gemista recipe 1

Vegetarian Gemista recipe

Not just for fasting, this vegetarian dish is a year-round favorite for most Greeks. Legend has it that stuffed vegetables are tastier if eaten the next day; we can assure you that…

Spinach & Feta Lasagna recipe 2

Spinach & Feta Lasagna recipe

This delicious Spinach and Feta lasagna dish features mouthwatering layers of pasta, spinach, Feta and bechamel sauce and it’s guaranteed to please all the family. Ingredients → – 1 kg x spinach, finely…

Fasolakia Ladera Recipe 4

Fasolakia Ladera Recipe

This string beans with baby potatoes in a fresh tomato sauce recipe is a very popular Greek vegan dish (fasolakia ladera) that is also a one pot wonder! The key ingredient to…