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| On 2 years ago

Tsipras claims SYRIZA’s ideologies are close to the Teachings of Jesus Christ (VIDEO)

By Gct

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, on national television, claimed that SYRIZA’s ideology is closer to the teachings of Jesus Christ, compared to other political parties in Greece.

In his speech to Greek media and the public, Tsipras refers to Jesus Christ, saying his SYRIZA party has a lot in common with Jesus’ teachings.

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“You know our principles and values, our ideologies- although some criticise us for not making the sign of the cross- is much closer to what Jesus said, our ideology is much closer to Jesus’ teachings than those who make a big sign of the cross,” Tsipras said.

PM Tsipras received backlash from Greek media and the general public, who took to social media, criticizing Tsipras’ statements, saying they are out of line and inappropriate to compare a political party with the teachings of Jesus.

The comments were made during the inauguration of Lefkada Hospital, with the Greek PM also making religious references to the New Testament, stating, “we went to the health sanctuary and disposed of billions of merchants.”


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