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Macedonian hero Dimitrios Dalipis died on this day in 1906

Today in 1906, the Macedonian warrior Dimitrios Dalipis from Gavros in Florina, was killed in a Bulgarian ambush in Prevali on the road to Prespa.

His body was left paralyzed and deformed in a ravine.

When his wife learned that he was going to the mountains again to fight the Ottomans and Bulgarians, she had written to him to calm down and look after his children who were left on the streets.

The poor woman had taken refuge in Kastoria with her children and were trying to survive in very difficult conditions.

Her once rich house was gone and if a relative wanted to help her, the Bulgarian bandits would not allow it.

The answer of the Macedonian warrior was that he could not think of his own children when foreigners came to fight in Macedonia.

He warned that if she asked him again to stop fighting he would immediately separate from her.

Dimitrios Dalipis.

The Macedonian warrior had started as a comrades in Kottas’s team.

Chief Dailakis, in his memoirs, stated that his death came from traitors who had infiltrated the group but that Dalipis accepted them despite his opposition.

Dalipis was born to a family of cattle breeders.

His son was Deputy Minister of Northern Greece (Commander-in-Chief of Western Macedonia) of the Dimitrios Maximos government.

Dalipis first took part in the Bulgarian-led Ilinden uprising in 1903 but then separated with them when they turned against Greek interests.

He then collaborated with Kottas Christou and participated in battles alongside Pavlos Melas.

After the death of Melas in 1904, he collaborated successively with Georgios Katechakis (Rouva) , Efthymios Kaoudis and Ioannis Karavitis. He took part in the battle of Zelovo with Pavlos Kyrou and Katechakis in 1905.


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