Netflix mercilessly trolls Eva Kaili lawyer's French in edited Emily in Paris scene (VIDEO)

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Netflix Greece decided to troll the - now famous - French of Eva Kaili's lawyer, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, with an epic edited video on social media.

The streaming platform published a small excerpt on Facebook from the hit series "Emily in Paris", specifically the scene from the French lesson that Lily Collins, who plays Emily, takes in order to learn the language.

In the actual scene, all the students and Emily repeat the phrases their teacher says. Netflix, however, edited the video, and instead of the professor's voice, Eva Kaili 's lawyer can be heard repeating, among other things, the phrase "Zame Koropi".

It is recalled that on Thursday, December 22, 2022, Michalis Dimitrakopoulos, speaking to journalists outside the Brussels courthouse, stated in French, among other things, that "Eva Kaili was never corrupt".

But his pronunciation was not the best, resulting in the French word 'corrompu', meaning corrupt, being heard as 'Coropi', sparking relentless trolling on social media ever since.

Kaili, a Greek Member of the European Parliament (MEP), is suspected of being at the center of one of the EU's biggest corruption scandals. She is suspected of being paid by Qatar to lobby for the Gulf state's interests.

The member of European Parliament and former Parliament vice president has been in jail since December 9, after being arrested and charged in a sprawling probe into Qatar’s lobbying operation in Brussels that also ensnared Kaili’s partner, a former MEP and head of a nongovernmental organisation.

Dimitrakopoulos said that the authorities “have no evidence to substantiate and link Eva Kaili to money and bribery.”

“The Belgians have found no evidence of the core offense of bribery, so the next-most-serious offense of money laundering does not stand,” he said to Skai in December.

Kaili claims that she learned about the money on the day of her partner’s arrest and panicked, then called her father and told him to get the baby’s suitcase and bottles from her flat.

He was picked up at a Brussels hotel with a suitcase full of cash — which according to an arrest warrant, she asked him to get from her apartment.

Meanwhile, the European Parliament’s legal affairs committee voted unanimously to lift the immunity of Andrea Cozzolino and Marc Tarabella, two European lawmakers caught up in the Qatargate corruption scandal, paving the way for a final vote by all MEPs on Thursday.

Adrián Vázquez Lázara, the Spanish Renew lawmaker who chairs the committee, tweeted that the committee had voted on the fate of both MEPs with 23 lawmakers in favour and none against in each case.

The Parliament must revoke the legal privilege MEPs enjoy in order for Belgium to investigate and potentially charge the lawmakers.

Manon Aubry, the co-leader of the Left group in the Parliament and lead MEP on both dossiers, told journalists the committee vote came “without surprise” and that the entire Parliament will hold a final vote Thursday on waiving the two lawmakers’ immunity.

“I hope we will have a similar vote and it’s the proof that justice can do its work,” she said. A second person in the room confirmed the plan to finalize the immunity waiving on Thursday.

Cozzolino — an Italian Socialist lawmaker who chaired an EU-Morocco parliamentary committee — and Belgian Socialist Tarabella, have been accused of corruption which involves current and former MEPs and lobbyists.

They're accused of taking cash in exchange for influencing Parliament’s work in favour of Qatar and Morocco. Both MEPs have strongly denied wrongdoing.

Lurid details have emerged of Tarabella’s alleged involvement, including reports in the Belgian press that he took €120,000 from Pier Antonio Panzeri, the former MEP at the center of the scandal.

Panzeri struck a plea bargain earlier in January, sparking fears that the circle of involvement could spread to more MEPs.

Cozzolino and Tarabella face being formally investigated by Belgian authorities as soon as the vote happens Thursday.

Belgian federal prosecutors asked to lift the two MEPs’ legal immunity on January 2, leading Parliament President Roberta Metsola to pledge she would move swiftly on the matter.

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