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Two-thirds of Greeks think a “hot incident” with Turkey will occur within 12 months


The latest data from surveys conducted by MRB, are extremely interesting. The nationwide survey of 2000 citizens, was conducted between June 17-25.

With the intention to vote and in the data recorded in the trends of MRB, the ruling New Democracy (ND) Party leads with a difference of 18.2% against the SYRIZA opposition party.

Specifically, ND records a percentage of 40.1% with SYRIZA following with 21.9%. They are followed by: Movement for Change with 6.6%, KKE with 5.2%, Hellenic Solution with 3.8%, DAY 25 with 2.8% and Golden Dawn with 1.5%.

4.9% of respondents chose another party, while the percentage of “Unexplained Vote” reached 13.2%. The percentage of “Unspecified Voting” is analysed as follows: “I did not decide-I do not answer”: at 8% and “Invalid-Abstention” at 5.2%.

In a vote between only ND and Syriza, ND leads with 65.3% while SYRIZA gathers a percentage of 15.3%.

The “No Party” option accounts for 6.6%. That is followed by “Another party” with a percentage of 5.2% and “I do not know / I do not answer” with a percentage of 7.5%.

When asked which of the two parties, ND or SYRIZA, you would like to win even by one vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections, the results found- ND 43.4%, SYRIZA 26.6%, while 17.8% no party.

When asked which of the two parties, ND or SYRIZA, would bother you if they won even by one vote in the upcoming parliamentary elections, 45.3% answered SYRIZA and 33.1% answered ND.

Of particular interest are the percentages of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis of ND and opposition leader Alexis Tsipras of SYRIZA on the question: “Which of the two do you think would be more suitable for prime minister of the country?”

In particular, the prime minister and president of ND gathered 45.6% of respondents, and the president of SYRIZA led the opposition to 26.3%. “Neither” was 23%.

In the chart below, see the answers of the citizens to the question “which of the two major parties, ND or SYRIZA, can better deal with the problems.”

In the table below you can see how the popularity of political leaders is shaped in the June 2020 trends of MRB.

To the question “will a possible reshuffle improve the functioning of the government?” 47.5% answered “definitely yes” and “probably yes”.

Citizens believe that the five most important problems in the country are: Unemployment with 49.3%, Immigration/Refugee/Economic migrants with 39.5%, Health/Care with 32.8%, Economic growth with 30.2% and COVID-19 pandemic with 29.9%.

The word “fear” at 49% more expresses the citizens for the present and the future of the country, followed by “hope” with 41.4%, “anger” with 37.3% and “shame” with 26.8%.

Regarding the indicators of optimism and specifically the question “how do you think things are going in general in our country,” 54.6% answered “Very bad-Quite bad,” while 13.8% answered “Very good- Pretty good”.

For the question, “How do you judge the economic situation of Greece in general today,” 61.5% answered “Very bad – bad” and 8.1% answer “Very good-good”.

The coronavirus pandemic has left deep scars in the life of the country, as in other countries of the world. As for the health side of the pandemic, 75.3% of respondents fear an outbreak of the pandemic in the next period, while 63.4% are worried about the possibility of getting sick personally or getting sick from a family member, especially the elderly.

To the question “How likely is a hot episode between Greece and Turkey during the next 12 months,” 66% of citizens answered “a lot” and “likely”.


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