Greece's Exodus of Mesolongi 4
Greece’s Exodus of Mesolongi

195 year’s ago today, the Exodus of Mesolongi was one of the most important historical events of the Greek War of Independence. It took place in April 1826. The fighting over the…

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Episode 4: Greeks Of The Globe

In the fourth episode of Greeks of the Globe, our host Andreas Nicola speaks to Kyriaki Kyriacou. Kyri is a Greek-Cypriot from North London. Kyri tells us all about growing up in…

Ten Healthy Reasons to add Feta to your Diet

Authentic Greek Feta only comes from certain regions in Greece and here are 10 massive health benefits by adding this delicious dairy product to your diet.

1821 Ladi Biosas
1821 Edition – Organic Ultra Premium First Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Ladi Biosas

Ladi Biosas λάδι βιώσας commemorates Greece’s 200 years of Independence with a Limited Edition Design of Kalamata extra virgin olive oil. It is an ode to all our heroes and heroines from Greece and around the world, to all the Philhellenes, that fought with an extraordinary force of hope for independence, principles of liberty, freedom, and democracy.

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Three days in Thessaloniki 29
Three days in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki, the thriving city of Greece, is walkable at its largest area. So, let’s take a walk together and explore its beauties.

Kastellorizian Jewellery: A Dispersed Archive of a Past Culture

Inspired by the recognition that Kastellorizio’s once thriving culture was being lost and scattered, Nick Bogiatzis’ latest book ‘Kastellorizian Jewellery. A Dispersed Archive of a Past Culture’ provides an absorbing and informative insight into the island’s jewellery.

Stella Arhontoulis anime artist

Meet Stella Arhontoulis: 14 year old internationally acclaimed anime artist

At just 14 years old, Stella Arhontoulis currently works as lead animator on YouTube series ‘Interstellar Ranger Commence’ due for release early next year. The incredibly talented school girl has already received international recognition as an award-winning manga artist, illustrator and animator, winning first place in an Australian and Japan wide anime competition two years consecutively.

Dream home lists for $3.9M on Patmos, the Holy Island of Revelation

Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Aegean Sea’s ‘holy island’ Patmos is one of the most peaceful and majestic destinations in Greece, where Saint John the Theologian wrote both his Gospel and the Apocalypse around 95AD.

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