Greek City Times
© Photo: Menelaos Myrillas / SOOC Corinth
Fire in Corinth now

The Fire Service informed that ground and air forces are operating against a fire in the area of Kalentzi in Corinth. In particular, 59 firefighters and 17 vehicles have gone to the…

Maya Lymberopoulou
Actress Maya Lymberopoulou dies at 81

Maya Lymberopoulou, a close collaborator of director Karolos Koun, died on Thursday aged 81. She had initially studied law in Athens along with acting at Koun’s theatre, and collaborated with him until…

Afghan women
Taliban’s Islamist laws once again haunt Afghan women

Terror reins in territories of Afghanistan that the Taliban have brought under their control as they distribute leaflets re-introducing dark Islamist customs designed to denigrate women. The content of the leaflets is…

Greek government to consider mandatory vaccinations 6
Greek government to consider mandatory vaccinations

The Greek government is considering  introducing mandatory vaccinations to certain sectors in society, following an amendment introduced by Alternate Health Minister Vassilis Kontozamanis on Thursday. According to Kontozamanis,  the amendment would allow…

How to Start the Manifestation of your Dreams Today

The latest TikTok trend to go viral, the hashtag #manifestation has over 8.8 billion views and there have been countless videos published that are designed to manifest love, career, money, personal growth and more for the watcher. The real questions are: How does manifestation work? And how can we turn our own dreams into reality?

Izabel Goulart Mykonos

Izabel Goulart and Kevin Trapp in Mykonos

“Touchdown Mykonos. So happy to be back to my favourite island.” Brazilian beauty Izabel Goulart holidays with her fiance Kevin Trapp in Mykonos.

global vaccination
The Search for Answers in the Global Push for Mass Vaccination

Ingredients including fetal cells, chimp DNA, metal spoons sticking to arms at the injection site…There are a lot of questions circulating in the push for global vaccination as many people remain concerned about the perceived ‘experimental’ nature of C0VID-19 vaccines. Greek City Times puts some tough questions to Dr. Nicholas Lelos and here’s what he had to say.

Anthony Albanese families
Families Kept Apart by Pandemic Failures

A message from Anthony Albanese, Leader of the Australian Labour Party about the Australian Federal Government’s management of the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences for families.

pineapple pizza
Greeks say “Sorry, Not Sorry” to Pineapple-on-Pizza-Hating Italians

Pineapple on pizza. You either love it, or you hate it. But either way you have the Greeks to thank. Now this decades-long, global controversy is currently at the centre of a plan by England fans, to put Italy off their game in the lead up to Sunday’s UEFA European Championship final.

Greek sushi
How Greeks Invented Sushi (in Europe)

Greeks have long been known throughout history for their incredible inventions and discoveries that have contributed to society and civilisation. But did you know that Greeks were also the inventors of sushi (in Europe)?

pasta chips tzaztiki
Tiktok Viral Trend: Pasta Chips (with Tzatziki) Recipe

The latest trend on Tiktok, that is taking the world by storm, is cooking pasta chips! The trend has become so popular that the #pastachips has more than 366.6M views and the original video, only posted a week ago, has over 21.8M views. Cook up your own Greek-inspired pasta chips with a side of tzatziki with our latest recipe.

Izabel Goulart Mykonos
Izabel Goulart and Kevin Trapp in Mykonos

“Touchdown Mykonos. So happy to be back to my favourite island.” Brazilian beauty Izabel Goulart holidays with her fiance Kevin Trapp in Mykonos.

Kastellorizian Jewellery: A Dispersed Archive of a Past Culture

Inspired by the recognition that Kastellorizio’s once thriving culture was being lost and scattered, Nick Bogiatzis’ latest book ‘Kastellorizian Jewellery. A Dispersed Archive of a Past Culture’ provides an absorbing and informative insight into the island’s jewellery.

Steve Tsoukalas’ enduring love for the iconic Sydney Opera House
Steve Tsoukalas, the Sydney Opera House’s longest serving employee

When Steve (Skevos) Tsoukalas arrived in Sydney in 1964 at the young age of 19, he was filled with awe when he first saw the Opera House. Little did he know that his incredible connection with the Opera House would still be enduring over 50 years later.

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