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Greece lifts more Covid-19 restrictions 6
Greece lifts more Covid-19 restrictions

Greece is getting ready to reopen even more. Phase 7 of the country’s plan starts on Saturday, allowing the resumption of dozens of entertainment and leisure activities. Greek Deputy Minister of Development and Investment, Nikos…

Mosque in Limassol attacked 8
Mosque in Limassol attacked

The Köprülü Mosque in the Cypriot city of Limassol was petrol bombed and had graffiti written on its outer walls just days after Turkey allowed Islamic readings to be read in Hagia…

Pyrgi, the “painted village” in Chios

Pyrgi is a picturesque medieval village on the island of Chios, known as the “painted village” thanks to the unique facade of the stone houses, which mostly consist of stunning grey and…

Church gatherings increase from 50 to 100 people

A Joint Ministerial Decision (JMD) issued by the Education and Religion ministry and the Health Ministry, allows religious gatherings/places of worship in Greece to increase from 50 to 100 people. The decision…

Skyscanner's dream destinations

Greece features on Skyscanner’s dream destinations

A survey carried out by airfare comparison website ‘Skyscanner’, has revealed that Greece is not only a top pick among its users, but a dream location. “The Greek islands are like an…

Caring for our much loved elderly during COVID-19 times 35
Caring for our much loved elderly during COVID-19 times

The attempt to shield the elderly and vulnerable during these unprecedented times of COVID-19 has given birth to a new set of health concerns for this much loved demographic that need to be addressed.

Hagia Sophia
HISTORY: Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia, for almost 1,000 years was the largest Greek…


Rocky-DImitri Spiliopoulos Holt play The Last Post on Anzac Day

8 Year Old Boy’s Touching Anzac Day Tribute

An 8 year old boy has wowed his entire Sydney street this morning as he blasted out a heartfelt rendition of The Last Post on cornet from his driveway this Anzac Day morning, a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand for those who served or have been killed in war.

Returning overseas travellers are ushered into Sydney's InterContinental Hotel by the Australian Police and Defence Forces to begin their compulsory 14-day quarantine
Life on the Inside: Day 3 of the COVID-19 Hostage Situation

Greek-Australian business man talks to exclusively to Greek City Times from the inside of his forced quarantine hotel room, following the strict new measures put in place by the Australian government in its fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.


Shop ‘Til You Drop in Athens

Whether you prefer to take a leisurely stroll and window shop, or head to a hub where you can find all your favourite brands and stores in the one spot, Athens has all of your shopping needs covered. Read our guide for shopping in Athens complete with shopping tips.

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