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Lesvos like a local

Lesvos is the ideal place to experience the real Greece. It is the perfect destination with amazing food, beautiful beaches and is dotted with many picturesque villages such as Molyvos, Agiasos and Plomari. If you love destinations with a rich history and breathtaking natural beauty, Lesvos is a must on your travel wish list.

Agia Fotini of Mantinea

Agia Fotini of Mantinea: One of the most mysterious churches in the world  

“My goal was to create a church that creates the illusion of motion. It feels like the Holy Spirit moves around its axis, God himself moves around its axis, as the church has no obvious front and back,” Greek architect Costas Papatheodorou said about his creation – the Orthodox church of Agia Fotini of Mantinea – which has become known as the second most mysterious church in the world.