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M/V Tutor, a Liberian flagged, Greek owned and operated vesse

Philippine Crew Evacuated from Damaged Vessel Amid Yemeni Houthi Attack in Red Sea

A Greek-owned vessel, targeted in an attack by Yemeni Houthi militants, has resulted in the evacuation of its Philippine crew members, leaving the ship adrift in the Red Sea. The incident near Yemen’s Hodeidah port on Wednesday inflicted severe damage on the Liberia-flagged coal carrier, Tutor, causing flooding and rendering it immobile. Hans Leo Cacdac, the Philippines’ minister for migrant workers, confirmed plans for salvage operations and the ongoing search for a missing crew member. This marks the third attack on ships with Filipino crews by Houthi militants in the past year.

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Antetokounmpo's Star-Studded Wedding: A Winning Play for Greece

Indicatively, we mention that in addition to great coaches, former and current teammates of Giannis, politicians, actors and basketball officials, some of the top athletes in the world – not only from basketball – are expected to receive an invitation.

The list will include – among many others – LeBron James, Serena Williams, and Kylian Mbappe !

Porto Timoni, Corfu

Two American Tourists Missing on Greek Islands Within Days

Two American tourists have gone missing on separate Greek islands within days of each other, prompting intensified search and rescue efforts by Greek authorities. One man vanished from Mathraki Island, while the other, a former Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department deputy, disappeared on Amorgos Island during a hike. These incidents coincide with a severe heatwave in Greece, adding urgency to the ongoing search operations.

Little Athens: The World's Best Souvlaki

Little Athens: The World's Best Souvlaki

Whilst one might still expect to find the best souvlaki in Athens, it would seem that these days you don’t have to travel that far. ‘Little Athens’ is the new souvlaki restaurant offering an authentic taste of Greece right in the heart of Melbourne’s Carnegie.

Berraki Events A Greek night like no other

Barraki: A Greek Night Like No Other

Nick Pantazis and Tom Papadakos, inspired by their love for Greek culture and the convivial spirit of the local “barraki” (μπαράκι) —a Greek word meaning small bar, nightclub, or lounge, often used informally to describe a neighborhood hangout—decided to bring this lively social atmosphere to Chicago.

The band were performing in the Greek capital on the European leg of their 'Music of the Spheres' tour when Martin spotted the audience member, wrapped in an Israeli flag, making a beeline for the set.

‘Operation Athens’: Israeli Activist Attempts to Storm Coldplay Stage, Halts Performance

In a dramatic incident during Coldplay’s concert in Athens this week, frontman Chris Martin abruptly halted the band’s performance as a social media personality wrapped in an Israeli flag attempted to storm the stage.


Earthquake Strikes Greek Island of Rhodes Amid Heatwave

“A 4.9 magnitude earthquake struck the popular Greek island of Rhodes on Wednesday evening, as a heat warning remained in effect… According to a spokesperson from the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC), the earthquake was likely felt as a light vibration by people in the vicinity of the epicenter. However, they stated that significant damage was not anticipated based on preliminary seismic data.”

M/V Tutor, a Liberian flagged, Greek owned and operated vesse

US Forces Destroy Houthi Missile Launchers After Attack on Greek-Owned Ship in Red Sea

In the strategic Red Sea, tensions flared anew after Iranian-backed Houthi rebels targeted a Greek-owned ship. A Houthi unmanned surface vessel (USV) inflicted significant damage on the Liberian-flagged M/V Tutor, prompting a forceful US response. CENTCOM forces successfully destroyed Houthi missile launchers and intercepted a drone in the region, highlighting the ongoing threats to maritime security and commerce.

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