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Berraki Events A Greek night like no other

Barraki: A Greek Night Like No Other

Nick Pantazis and Tom Papadakos, inspired by their love for Greek culture and the convivial spirit of the local “barraki” (μπαράκι) —a Greek word meaning small bar, nightclub, or lounge, often used informally to describe a neighborhood hangout—decided to bring this lively social atmosphere to Chicago.

The band were performing in the Greek capital on the European leg of their 'Music of the Spheres' tour when Martin spotted the audience member, wrapped in an Israeli flag, making a beeline for the set.

‘Operation Athens’: Israeli Activist Attempts to Storm Coldplay Stage, Halts Performance

In a dramatic incident during Coldplay’s concert in Athens this week, frontman Chris Martin abruptly halted the band’s performance as a social media personality wrapped in an Israeli flag attempted to storm the stage.

Dig if you will

Oakleigh Businesses Team Up for Mural by Renowned Artist Danielle Weber

Dig if U will and Mig Collection, located at 22A Atherton Road in Oakleigh, are collaborating on a major artistic addition to their new shared space. A large-scale mural by acclaimed Australian artist Danielle Weber is currently in the works, adding a splash of colour and local pride to the area

Glory Days: Tommy Bayiokos Journeys from Grief to Growth

Glory Days: Tommy Bayiokos' Journey from Grief to Growth

In the wake of his relationship with Grammy nominated and iconic 80’s singer and songwriter Laura Branigan, Greek American actor and musician Tommy Bayiokos opens up about his multifaceted career, heartfelt reflections, and enduring passion for music and performance.

The Alchemist: Iordanes Spyridon Gogos at AFW ‘24

The Alchemist: Iordanes Spyridon Gogos at AFW ‘24

Jordan Gogos, a Greek-Australian multidisciplinary artist based in Sydney, is renowned for his inventive designs and artistic partnerships. After debuting his eponymous label, Iordanes Spyridon Gogos, at AAFW 2021, Gogos continues to challenge conventions and redefine fashion norms with his visionary approach, showcased once more at AAFW 2024.

Evangelia: Bringing the Soul of Greece with Her 'Feels Like Greek Summer' Tour

Evangelia: Bringing the Soul of Greece with Her 'Feels Like Greek Summer' Tour

As Evangelia embarks on her first North American tour “Feels Like Greek Summer” which is presented by Power Muse Productions and music industry titans Live Nation, she is eager to share her music with audiences across the continent.

Dimitris Tzankatian Greece by drone

Dimitris' Greece by Drone

Dimitris Tzankatian’s love affair with travel began in 2019 when he bought his first drone. Now, just five years later, the talented photographer and certified drone pilot is stunning audiences with amazing aerial perspectives of Greece’s beautiful landscapes, historic sites, and picturesque towns and villages, captured through his beautiful photography and videography.

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