Cate Blanchett Speaks To Harper's Bazaar Greece As She Celebrates 10th Anniversary of "Si" Perfume with Giorgio Armani

Cate Blanchett Speaks To Harper's Bazaar Greece As She Celebrates 10th Anniversary of "Si" Perfume with Giorgio Armani

On the 10th anniversary of the iconic "Si" perfume and the launch of the new "Si Eau de Parfum Intense," Cate Blanchett, the muse of Giorgio Armani and the face of "Si" advertising campaigns since 2013, shared insights about her special relationship with the renowned fashion designer and the latest fragrance in an exclusive interview with Harper's Bazaar Greece.

A decade after the introduction of the original "Si," Giorgio Armani Beauty unveiled "Si Eau de Parfum Intense." Blanchett, widely recognised for her timeless elegance, beauty, and talent, spoke about her deep connection with the fragrance and its significance.

Describing her feelings about "Si Eau de Parfum Intense," Blanchett said, "It's full of so many memories. It encompasses 10 wonderful years and all the amazing versions of 'Si' that I have known, but the new 'Si Eau de Parfum Intense' stands out for its warm and sensual character. You feel that it embraces you with its rich full juice, which includes two types of vanilla."

When asked about the kind of woman who wears "Si," Blanchett explained, "She is sure of herself, but often the way she shows it is quiet, while other times more youthful. She has a positive self-image and strong self-confidence, without feeling like she has to apologise for it. I think the way the fragrance evolves also brings different elements to the surface during the day."

Reflecting on her collaboration with Giorgio Armani, Blanchett shared an insight into their long-standing partnership saying, "Every time I'm with him, it's a magical moment, and it's not so much what he says, but the connection we have between us." She also recalled a memorable trip to the island of Pantelleria with Mr. Armani, saying, "We lived such unique moments together."

“As you know, Giorgio Armani is not only involved in fashion and his line of beauty products and fragrances, but also in architecture, interior design and much more and he has a unique, his own way of looking at the world, his own unique worldview.”

Blanchett also touched on the close relationship between beauty and fashion, stating, "Often when we use the term 'fashion,' we are referring to past conditions and trends that apply now." She commended Giorgio Armani for his commitment to timeless elegance, which extends to his beauty products as well.

In terms of her daily beauty routine, Blanchett keeps it simple, prioritising hydration and using products that let her skin breathe.

“I am often asked what my beauty routine is,” she says. “And yes, it is the application of sunscreen, foundation, mascara and lipstick, if I have time, but perfume is a daily value of my routine that I never neglect.

“I have a friend who keeps a stick of fresh vanilla in her purse, because vanilla is a proven mood booster. This particular ingredient is quite intense in "Sì Eau de Parfum Intense". Different scents evoke different emotions, such as the smell of freshly cooked food or summer, and, depending on each person's personal memories, they also change their mood. The fragrance hides enormous power, which it transmits.”

Although Blanchett avoids travelling where she can these days, when she does travel, one item that is never missing from her travel kit is Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk foundation, which she described as light and skin-friendly.

“Now I try to travel as little as possible. Sometimes it's important to know how to say "no",” says Blanchett, who is known for her luminous skin.

“In order to maintain the healthy glow of the skin, it is not only important to use the right care products, but also to pay special attention to what we put into our bodies, the type of food we consume and the quality of the water we drink. I have a very good water filter and I prioritise keeping my body well hydrated from the inside. I supplement my diet with probiotics and drink apple cider vinegar. I also use the Luminous Silk foundation to make my skin look flawless, which is also used by the make-up artists who do my make-up on each campaign shoot. Even the application of a lipstick flatters the skin. I'm wearing the new Lip Power Mattes, which I love for their velvety moisturising texture.

Highlighting the timeless elegance of "Si Eau de Parfum Intense," Blanchett noted, "Sometimes elegance is a cold concept, aloof, but in the case of the new fragrance, this is broken through the warmth and sweetness of its character."

In her interview with Harper's Bazaar Greece, Blanchett speaks about the role of perfume in boosting confidence and empowering women, saying, "I believe that especially since the pandemic period, the role of perfume has become even more important. It was transformed into a means of dealing with the stress of that period."

Emphasising the inclusive nature of the campaign, Blanchett says, “Especially with this new campaign it shows how much it embraces the different aspects of every woman's character. It is full of joy, a fragrance created to offer confidence and strength.”

Photos: Tom Munro, courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar Greece.

Cate Blanchett's interview was published in Harper's Bazaar Greece November edition.

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