Facebook ban greek news australian publishers

Facebook blocks smaller Australian publishers following dispute with Australian government. Greek City Times a casualty

Facebook has banned legitimate Australian news from its platform, following its dispute with the Australian Government, threatening the businesses and livelihoods of smaller publishers and causing major disruption to important health, community and emergency services in Australia. Labelled a ‘dog act against all Australians’ by Australian News journalist Joe Hildebrand, the move means that people in Australia can no longer post links to news stories on Facebook.

Santa Ruins

“Santa Ruins” in Turkey: The Destruction of Greek Cultural Heritage 

The Turkish newspaper Hürriyet reported on October 19 that the Santa Ruins archeological site has been registered as a “fragile area to be protected” leading some to conclude that “The Turkish government seems to have “perfected” the “art” of violating or destroying the region’s exceedingly rich cultural heritage built by the indigenous peoples of the land that Turkey largely exterminated about a hundred years ago.”