New Democracy: Restoring Democracy and Achieving Progress in Greece

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The 15th Congress of New Democracy (ND) continued on Saturday, marking the 50th anniversary since the founding of the party and the restoration of democracy in Greece. A total of 2,742 executives from all over the country attended the congress, including representatives of expatriate Greeks. Moreover, officials from the European People's Party and the European Parliament participated and addressed a greeting.

In his speech at the 15th Congress of ND, the general manager of New Democracy, Yannis Smyrlis, stated, among other things: "New Democracy is not the protagonist in the political history of the country by chance, but it has deep roots in society and expresses liberal and pioneering ideas centered on people. It serves values and principles, and it is committed to its ideas, which is why it is a strong party."

"We have built a relationship of trust with Greek men and women over the years," he said, adding, "We have taken the lead in strategic choices for the country, in emblematic reforms. We have developed robust long-term policies that history and time have justified, and we continue to create policies that respond to today's problems and seek to face the challenges of the future."

Smyrlis also referred to ND's victory in two consecutive electoral contests, the party's effective governance, and its handling of major crises without leaving any Greek woman or man behind. "ND was, is, and will be the party that believes in and serves the welfare state," he said.

He further mentioned the achievements of the government in the last five years and made a special mention of the postal vote.

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