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Cats of Syros

Cats (of Syros). The Netflix Documentary.

The celebrity cats of Syros are set to star in a Netflix documentary. Due for release early next year, the documentary tells the heartwarming story of ‘God’s Little People’ cat rescue, established by a couple striving to “show the world that animals count and that the way we treat them reflects something of our own humanity.”

Travelling to Greece in times of Covid-19

Travelling to Greece in times of Covid-19

Tony Kariotis In the first half of 2020, many European countries closed their borders and imposed strict travel restrictions. But as the number of cases started to decline, countries began reopening for…


Paros gets new airport upgrade

Paros island airport is to be upgraded as part of a 43 million euro infrastructure program, which will provide funding also for other services on the island such as upgrades of public utility networks and for archaeological excavations and research.

virtual tour ancient olympia

A Virtual Tour in Ancient Olympia

Travel to Ancient Olympia and take a personalized tour of Olympia’s archaeological sites through your screen with the launch of a new digital platform that offers users a unique virtual experience of Greek history.

Athens named as one of the friendliest cities in Europe

Athens named as one of the friendliest cities in Europe

Athens is on the list of the top ten friendliest cities in Europe, published by Condé Nast Traveller (CNT) travel magazine. “While Europe’s best cities are often judged on their ancient history,…

mountain views Greece

A day on the rocks: Top 5 breathtaking mountain views in Greece

Although famous worldwide for its seas, more than 80% of Greece is mountainous. We present to you the top five destinations for mountain lovers, who want to climb, hike, or just enjoy breathtaking views in Greece.

Celestyal Cruises reveals new flagship set to debut in March 2021

Celestyal Cruises reveals new flagship set to debut in March 2021

From March 2021, Celestyal Cruises plans to resume operations with its new flagship ‘Celestyal Experience’. The ship’s first sailing for 2021 will be on March 06, with the seven-night ‘Three Continents’ itinerary…

This Airbnb in Greece was a sailor's house in 1875

This Airbnb in Santorini was a sailor’s house in 1875

If relaxing in a delightful, tranquil idyll is your cup of tea, allow us to show you one of the most popular and amazing airbnbs people were obsessed with last month according to…

diving spots in Greece

Top 5 Diving Destinations in Greece

Dive in! Your underwater journey starts here as we bring you our top 5 diving destinations that make Greece a “must” destination for diving enthusiasts around the globe.

Zagori Lakes of Drakolimni

Discovering Zagori: a mountainous expanse of stunning beauty

Greece is a world of hidden gems, one of which is Zagori – a mountainous expanse of stunning beauty in the Pindus mountain range and a must see destination for lovers of nature, trekking and authentic Greek culture.