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Love Letters from Athens

Love Letters from Athens (VIDEOS)

Travellers have their passport ready and are eager to travel again (to Greece) in 2021. Through six beautiful videos, Greece’s capital city sends a message to travellers- “We look forward to seeing…


A trip to Greece’s most beautiful waterfalls

Together with Austria, Greece is the most mountainous country in Europe. This complex terrain with the ravines of so many hundreds of mountains, has created a large number of waterfalls, both in mainland Greece and in the Greek islands. Here’s a list of the most beautiful waterfalls not to be missed whilst in Greece.


One & Only Kea Island

Discover Kea – a hideaway island drenched in Mediterranean bliss. A beachfront sanctuary comprising 75 resort villas and a limited number of Private Homes is coming soon.

This Is Athens Campaign: Thousands of foreigners relocate to Athens to work-from-home 2

This Is Athens Campaign: Thousands of foreigners relocate to Athens to work-from-home

“Even the lockdown is more beautiful in Athens,” reads the slogan of the recent This is Athens marketing campaign by the city. Digital nomads from across the globe are relocating to work-from-home in Athens finding there the best balance between work and personal life, at an affordable price, without being deprived of the comforts and rights offered by Europe.

Arachova, the “Winter Mykonos of Greece”

Arachova, the “Winter Mykonos of Greece” (VIDEO)

Arachova is a traditional village, which is transformed into a bustling little city during winter. This beautiful mountainous village that is known for the amazing nature and historical background is situated at…


Lesvos like a local

Lesvos is the ideal place to experience the real Greece. It is the perfect destination with amazing food, beautiful beaches and is dotted with many picturesque villages such as Molyvos, Agiasos and Plomari. If you love destinations with a rich history and breathtaking natural beauty, Lesvos is a must on your travel wish list.

Meteora features in CNN's list of top 21 destinations for 2021

Meteora features in CNN’s list of top 21 destinations for 2021

Greece is on CNN’s list of 21 destinations to visit in 2021. Specifically, CNN referenced Meteora. Spiritual, magical, mystical, extraordinary, breathtaking, peaceful – these are only some of the words people use…