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Experience Lemnos island through its flavours and its people

Greeks worldwide are known for their hospitality; in fact, Greek hospitality is deeply rooted in greek culture since antiquity. Ancient Greeks paid homage to Zeus who was the patron God to hospitality…

Zakynthos in April Spring Greece

Greece is evolving into a year-round travel destination

Tourism Minister Vasilis Kikilias predicted in an interview with AMNA that tourism’s contribution to the Greek economy will be even greater in 2023 than it was in 2022,, The minister pointed out…

People entering greek ferry

Why Greek island hopping by Ferry is fun

Getting around the gorgeous Greek islands by ferry whether you are single, a family with little ones, or a group of friends, is simple and not to mention fun! So if you…


Which?: Kefalonia is the best Greek island for the British

This year, Kefalonia won first place in the preferences of the British as the best Greek island. The largest consumer research organisation ‘Which?’ asked over 1,000 Brits who have visited the country…


What's On In Athens - Bouzoukia Edition

There’s always something to do in Athens, the city is always a vibe and alive! For some it can be a little overwhelming not knowing where to start, what to do, where…

Athens International Airport Benghazi

Athens to Benghazi flights start on Thursday

Direct fights between Athens and the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi will start on Thursday, the Greek Foreign Affairs Ministry announced on Tuesday. The Athens-Benghazi-Athens flights will be carried out by air…

Clean Monday Flour smudging Alevromoutzouromata in Galaxidi

Alevromoutzouromata (Flour Smudging) in Galaxidi

Although celebrated throughout Greece, nobody celebrates ‘Clean Monday’ quite like the residents of Galaxidi who hold an annual ‘flour war’ or alevromoutzouromata (flour smudging), whereby all and sundry flock to the streets armed with sacks of ‘ammunition’ such as colourfully dyed flour, soot and confetti.

blue lake viros epirus greece

Lake Viros: The fairytale blue lake of Epirus

Lake Viros is close to Vouliasta, a small village about 30 kilometres away from Ioannina and on the road that connects the largest city of Epirus with Arta. The village is built…