Mykonos Eatery DK Oyster Still Up to Old Tricks: Tourists Warn of Extortionate Prices

DK Oysters Mykonos

Furious tourists have taken to Tripadvisor to warn fellow travellers about Mykonos eatery DK Oyster, accusing the restaurant of overcharging for meals and drinks.

Tourists planning Greek getaways are being advised to avoid DK Oyster, a venue with a history of allegedly exploiting tourists. Reportedly, DK Oyster charges guests exorbitant bills, prompting Tripadvisor to issue a warning on its website.

Recent reviews on TripAdvisor further reinforce the cautionary message. One account details a family charged a staggering €222 (around £190) for just five drinks, including a hefty service fee. The reviewer condemns the establishment as a "disgrace" and warns others to identify the restaurant by its black umbrellas and sunbeds.

Another review echoes the concerns, calling DK Oyster a "complete rip-off" with unclear pricing that leads to unexpected and inflated bills.

Tripadvisor previously issued a "safety warning" about DK Oyster due to a string of complaints. The warning advises travellers to conduct further research before visiting the restaurant.

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