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Tyler Macbeth at the "Pura Vita" store, by Stefanos Kasselakis, in Spetses / Photos: Google reviews Πηγή: iefimerida.gr - Kasselakis owns a coffee shop in Spetses and evaluates it on Google: "I highly recommend it" - Party on social media -

Stefanos Kasselakis' "Pura Vita" Café in Spetses: A Social Media Stir

Stefanos Kasselakis, a Thessaloniki native, has stirred up a storm on social media with the disclosure of his “Pura Vita” café in Spetses. The establishment, known for its healthy food offerings, has received glowing reviews on Google, attracting attention from online users, including Stefanos Kasselakis himself. Even with the assets presented by the President of Syriza, it appears that social media users remain skeptical.

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