Restaurant in Milos cooks food in the sand
*Image Credit: @tassor

Milos, located among the Cyclades islands of the Aegean Sea, is one of the most popular travel destinations in Greece. The island was created by volcanic activity and is famous for its surreal coastal landscape, colourful volcanic rock formations and magnificent beaches shelving into turquoise coves.

But do you know one of the secrets of Milos?

It is Sirocco, a restaurant in Paleochori, on the south coast of Milos, that cooks food under the sand.

This restaurant which is situated right on the beach, is one of the most popular hangouts on the island and a place where every foodie should visit.

Restaurant in Milos cooks food in the sand

Restaurant in Milos cooks food in the sand

The Tseroni family, the owners of Sirocco, have been cooking with the power of nature for years.

Below the restaurant on the beach, there is a metal door which leads to the secret kitchen where food is cooked using geothermal energy.

The taste of the ‘volcanic food’, is impossible to describe or explain. Once the lamb (which was cooked under the sand) reaches the table, you will understand. It smells delicious and melts in your mouth.

Restaurant in Milos cooks food in the sand

Our other favourite menu items include the lobster spaghetti, moussaka, roasted potato with spicy creamy cheese and grilled squid with pesto and tomato chutney.

So, if the road takes you to Milos, you must visit Sirocco and live a completely different gastronomic experience.