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Mary Politis Mary's Kouzina Greek food

Mary’s Kouzina – Preserving Traditional Greek Cooking

Mary Politis is the woman behind the popular food blog Mary’s Kouzina. Uploading recipes daily, Mary teaches people how to make traditional Greek style food inspired by her mother and grandmother and taking us back to flavours from yiayias kitchen or our favourite Greek island.

Mussels Saganaki

Mussels Saganaki Recipe

Mussels are absolutely delicious, inexpensive and easy to cook. They are also a good source of selenium, zinc and protein, amongst other nutrients. Saganaki translates to ‘little frying pan’ and also refers…

Spanakorizo- Spinach and Rice Recipe

Spanakorizo- Spinach and Rice Recipe

Spanakorizo is a popular dish that is both healthy and delicious! The name of this tasty dish is a composite of the two key ingredients: Spanaki- meaning spinach Rizi- meaning rice There…

St Basils Lakemba kitchen aged care nutrition

The importance of providing quality nutrition in elderly care

The best estimate of malnutrition in Australian community home care settings is around 15% thus ensuring that nutritional needs are met in aged care is an extremely important task. Premier provider of long-term aged care, St Basil’s has exceeded all outcomes in recent accreditation of food safety standards so we talk to them about this complex issue.

Greek figs

Greek figs- One of the world’s most nutritious foods

Figs have been popular in the Mediterranean since ancient times; reported to have been first cultivated in Egypt and then spread first to Ancient Greece. Nowadays Greece is one of the largest…

Living costs in Greece compared to the rest of the EU

Living costs in Greece compared to the rest of the EU

Communication services, food, tobacco and alcoholic beverage costs are higher in Greece than the EU27 average whilst sectors such as housing, transport, recreation and clothing are considerably lower than the EU average…

Ouzo: Greece's most famous alcoholic beverage 2

Ouzo: Greece’s most famous alcoholic beverage

There is an old Greek saying “Ouzo makes the spirit” and in true Greek style, it’s paired with food, music and lively conversation. A glass of Ouzo is the perfect companion to…


Loukoumades: Greek Honey Puffs Recipe

They’re hot, fluffy and crisp, usually drizzled with honey and cinnamon or chopped walnuts, while in a more modern rendition they’re dipped in luscious melty chocolate. The ping pong-ball size mouthfuls are…

Jerry's Sweet Foodtruck

Famous Sweet Foodtruck arrives in Athens

It’s time for a new love affair – something sweet and impossible to regret. Jerry’s Sweet Foodtruck has opened in Athens to take your love of all-things sweet to dizzying new heights.…

Kolokythakia Tiganita- Zucchini Chips Recipe 9

Kolokythakia Tiganita- Zucchini Chips Recipe

Kolokythakia Tiganita (in Greek: κολοκυθάκια τηγανητά)- fried zucchini chips are delicious as a starter, side or even a snack! It doesn’t get simpler and tastier than this traditional speciality, which has become famous…


Greece outlines new rules for restaurant and cafe seating

Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakos outlined the content of the legislation on restaurant seating on Monday. In interviews with Mega and Skai TV, the minister listed the new rules to be implemented in Greece’s…

Kalamata olives

Kalamata olives: One of the world’s healthiest foods

Kalamata olives are only found on the Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece and have played a part in the human diet for thousands of years. Growing under the amazing Greek sun, the…


Lemonopita: Greek Lemon Phyllo Pie Recipe

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, May 10. While celebrations may look a little different this year, families can still celebrate and convey their love and appreciation with a homemade dessert. Here’s a…

'empty chairs'

Greece joins European ’empty chairs’ protest

Greek cities participated in “empty chairs”, a European event to protest the shutdown of restaurants and food places during the coronavirus pandemic and the economic repercussions on the sector, on Wednesday evening.…

Pastitso Pie

Pastitso + Pie = Pastitso Pie!

We have all eaten many plates of pastitso in our lives, but none have tasted as truly original and delicious as this. Alevri, the brainchild of creative cafe entrepreneur Aki Daikos and…