How a Greek-American Went Viral Yelling ‘Apagorevete’ in Greece 2

How a Greek-American Went Viral Yelling ‘Apagorevete’ in Greece

Greek City Times speaks exclusively with Tony Kariotis, otherwise known as @iamgreece on social media, to discuss what birthed his comical ‘Apagorevete’ catchphrase and viral video skit series.

Her Voice

Her Voice: Greek Women and Their Friends

‘Her Voice: Greek Women and their Friends’ has been called an insightful anthology, and it contains the individual stories of 42 women – Greek Australian women and their friends to be precise – as they reflect upon the challenges that they have encountered on a myriad of levels in Australia over decades.

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World’s Most Expensive Olive Oil

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Fetolia: the Art of Scarf

Made from the world’s finest pure silk materials, with finely rolled hand finished edges and immaculate attention to every single detail, Fetolia’s luxury limited edition scarves are exclusive designs inspired by history, nature and ethnic influences, including some beautiful Greek-themed designs such as the aptly named ‘The Olympian Gods’, ‘Evzonas’ and ‘The Abduction of Europa.’