Vision Omonia: Vision Greece's First Hotel to Open in September

Vision Omonia, VISION Greece’s debut hotel in Athens’ Omonia Square, opens this September. Combining neoclassical elegance with modern amenities, it features curated art by Mr. Kriton and a rooftop terrace with Acropolis views. Introducing Greece’s first BENEDICTS Food & Beverage concept, Vision Omonia promises a new standard in urban hospitality.

Greece's Popularity Soars Among Global Millionaires, Report Shows

Greece is becoming a top destination for wealthy individuals, attracting around 1,100 millionaire foreigners last year and expecting 1,200 more this year, according to the Henley Private Wealth Report. Ranked eighth globally for millionaire migration, Greece has seen a 14% rise in millionaires over the past decade, with Attica, Mykonos, and Crete being the most popular areas.

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