Kymi, a perfect destination for Easter

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Spring is perfect for enjoying the beautiful town located on Greece's second-largest island.

Easter is a great time of year for a short trip away from Athens and Thessaloniki to enjoy some springtime serenity, and Kymi is one such perfect place.

Kymi combines sea and mountain and offers the ideal dosage of cosmopolitanism and tranquillity. It is just a short distance from Athens, the urban centres of Central Greece, and the Sporades.



You can reach Kymi by road via Halkida in about 2 hours or so from the Greek capital.

As soon as you set foot in the place, you will understand why the locals call it the Balcony of the Aegean. This is because the town of Evia, which is amphitheatrically built east of the island, offers a panoramic view of the sea and a magical sunset.

Here, you will find some of the most beautiful coasts of the Evian and Greek landscape, suitable for your swims. Thapsa, known as the "blue lake" of Evia and the turquoise shores found at the beaches of Tsilaro, Metohi, and Kalami are amazing.

For those looking to swim in quieter areas, there is also the beautiful cove of Kavos and the hard-to-reach beach of Nautikos.



Since we are talking about the Easter season, we must stop at the imposing church of Panagia Liautsianissa, built in 1849 from local yellow-red stone. It has three domes on its roof, and Yannoulis Chalepas designed its iconostasis.

If you're here on the night of the Resurrection, you will be lucky enough to enjoy a spiritual atmosphere to which the very architecture of the church will move you.

Of particular value is the visit to the imposing church of Agios Athanasios, who is the patron saint of Kymi. The church is located in the central square.


From there, Kymi offers many options to those not only attracted by the charms of its waters.

There are hiking routes that give you a different perspective of the Evian town. The most famous and interesting one starts from Choneutiko Kymis and ends at the medieval castle of Agios Georgios.

As the weather clears up, trips to the waterfalls in Manikia become easier. The large waterfall at the end of the route makes the trip even more memorable.

Mouria 1923
Mouria 1923

If you get hungry, Kymi will not disappoint you. You will enjoy fine ribs at the "Mouria 1923" taverna, while at the "Meze la Fam" restaurant, you will have the opportunity to try seafood risotto, Kadaifi cheese and Cypriot pies. Mam Club is an exceptional example of a steakhouse offering delicious pizza.

Kymi Palace and Archontiko Kymis Boutique Hotel are excellent accommodation options. They combine proximity to the coast with high hospitality standards.

At the same time, short-term rental platforms are also available for those who want more control over their budget or a more cozy accommodation option.

Archontiko Kymis Boutique Hotel

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