Thapsa in Evia: One of the most beautiful beaches in Greece

Thapsa beach, Kymi, Evia

You can only arrive by boat or on a rough dirt road, but once you get there, you will be compensated with one of the most beautiful beaches in the northern Aegean.

Thapsa in central Evia is one of the most enchanting beaches in Greece, yet it is also one of the most difficult to reach.

It was once unknown to many, so only those who had diligently explored every corner of Greece's second-largest island enjoyed its beauty.

Even though it is better known today, Thapsa remains inaccessible. Nonetheless, those who have visited say it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the northern Aegean.

Thapsa beach, Kymi, Evia

Thapsa is located in the central part of eastern Evia, relatively close to Chiliadou (one of the island's most famous beaches), in the wider area of ​​Kymi, near the Tsirloneri-Ortari wildlife sanctuary. It is a secluded cove that looks towards the Northern Sporades.

Arriving here, you will realise that references to a "blue lake" tend more towards the literal than the usual exaggerations of travel reports. The landscape, reminiscent of somewhere in Southeast Asia, appears exotic to many visitors.

Thapsa beach, Kymi, Evia

The first thing you will notice when you come to Thapsa is that the beach seems to be hidden, emerging among the mountainous, green environment surrounding the coast, full of pine trees and imposing rocks – the slope, as you will see, ends in the sea.

The fact that the area is difficult to access seems to have benefited it, preserving the landscape intact, which leaves it mostly untouched by humans, even if you go to the heart of the Greek summer when visitors peak.

Of course, this has slowly started to change recently, as many have made it a destination for free camping. In addition, there is also a beach bar, which offers the familiar comforts of an organised beach.

Many, however, still come carrying their own gear.

Well sheltered from the winds, the cove has calm waters most days (it is affected, however, when strong north winds blow), which have enchanting, greenish-blue hues creating idyllic contrasts with both the green of the surrounding pines and the stark white from the pebbles (the "lalaria", as the locals call them in the Kymi dialect).

The water, of course, is crystal clear and refreshing.

Thapsa beach, Kymi, Evia

How to get to Thapsa?

Thapsa has a reputation as being a hard-to-reach beach.

It is less than 3 hours from Athens. By car, it will take around 1 hour to reach Chalkida and then another 1 hour and 45 minutes to get there. Road access at first is fine but becomes very difficult in the last stage — you can only travel with a 4×4 vehicle.

After reaching Chalkida by road, head towards Kymi by taking the road to the villages of Konistres and Maletiani. Then, you will stay on Kymis-Metohiou Road until you see a sign for Tsilaro Beach, which will lead you to a dirt road. From here on, the hard part begins because, from Tsilaro, you must contend with a rough, uphill dirt road for about 10 kilometres to reach Thapsa.

Of course, if you have a boat, it is easy to reach Kymi by sea without worrying about all this.

This summer, however, the Municipality of Kymi-Aliveri, in collaboration with the Region of Central Greece, started projects to improve and restore these dirt roads, recognising the public's interest in Thapsa and Tsilaros but also the prospects that exist for Tourism Development. However, a lot of work is still needed, as, for now, only the first phase has been completed, so the pouring of cement on the most dangerous parts of the two dirt roads is pending.

On the other hand, it is now possible (for the first time) to take a boat and arrive in Thapsa during summer. The routes are operated from Kymi with the boat "Agios Ioannis."

For more information, visit Ela Stin Kymi.



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