Five beaches near Athens to enjoy your first swim of the season


Perfect beaches for your first dips of the season and only a short distance from the centre of Athens.

With summer fast approaching, Athenians have started looking for beautiful beaches with clear waters to enjoy their first swim of 2024.

These beaches confirm that the wider Attica region is a place blessed by nature capable of taking us to the realm of relaxation, ideal for families, groups and solo travellers seeking to unwind from the intense urban rhythms.

With this in mind, Travel has prepared five suggestions within Attica that are ideal destinations for those wishing to enjoy the sea with the taste of coffee and a good book to read.


KAPE Beach

KAPE Beach owes its peculiar name to the Centre for Renewable Energy Sources, which predisposes it to a special reputation.

The name justifies this reputation since to get to the beach, you must go down (and back up) about 100 steps. There are neither beach bars nor sunbeds. There is only one canteen at the point of descent, from which you can get water or anything else you need.

However, the beach's shore has pebbles and fine gravel, as well as calm waters that give swimmers the Aegean experience. The view towards the Patroklos islet enhances this experience.



The beach of Schinias does not need any special recommendations since it is one of the most famous in Attica. It is renowned not only for its large sand area but also for its variety of activity options.

In Schinias, which is located in the corner of a lush pine forest, there are many organised spots.

The best part of the coastline is to the north, towards the end, in the middle of an impressive landscape, which offers an ideal walking route.

If you are tired of swimming and coastal walks, neighbouring Marathon has many excellent tavernas.


Althea Beach

Half an hour away by car, Althea Beach remains a largely unfamous destination, although it has slowly and steadily gained more popularity in recent years. The small stretch of coast is reminiscent of the Ionian Sea, thanks mainly to the waters deep blue and green colours.

Since Althea is an unorganised beach, bring an umbrella for shade, good sunscreen, drinking water, and a snack.

It is recommended to start your trip early anyway if you want to avoid the crowding, which intensifies as the weather warms up and approaches midday.



Golden sand, small dunes, and crystal clear waters make up the scenery in Legrena, which has stunning beauty for a place only an hour or so away from the centre of Athens.

The area is classified as a coastal wetland and is included in the NATURA 2000 Network's Special Conservation Zone.

Here, you will find several anglers who practice their art in the most rugged places. But you will also find excellent mezes in the great nearby seafood tavernas, such as "Stamatis," "Theodoros and Eleni," and "Marida."



The sandy beach of Agios Nikolaos, in Anavissos, is one of the most impressive due to its shape. At the top of the hill, a beautiful chapel stands imposingly, creating an image that evokes Balos in Crete, even though it is only 50 minutes from Athens.

Its location, at the bottom of a large bay, protects it from strong winds.

Although the beach is organised for the most part, with beach bars constantly projecting in front of you, there are spots where you can spread your mat and enjoy the sun and the sea in comfort.


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