Lake Kournas, Sirikari Gorge, and Komolithi - 3 landscapes of unique natural beauty in Chania

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Unique places in Chania, Crete, that you may not have visited and worth taking the time to explore

Crete is one of the most popular destinations in Greece for its beaches, crystal clear waters, special beauty, and unique gastronomy. The city of Crete that enchants all travellers is Chania.

It is a fascinating place with many famous attractions, incredible beaches, and places that stand out with their uniqueness. You may have yet to visit them on your trip there, but they are certainly worth exploring.

Lake Kournas

Lake Kournas

One of the most famous sights of Crete and the island's only lake with fresh water. Lake Kournas has created its own special ecosystem within its relatively arid and dry environment.

The lake has a large and interesting presence in the historical course of Crete and many folklore references. However, it is now a tourist destination par excellence, especially in the summer.

Lake Kournas

This is further enhanced by the white sandy beach, which offers an alternative experience for those who want to try something different.

The pear-shaped lake has an area of ​​579 acres and is suitable for hiking on its banks (its cycle takes about an hour) and contact with the rich fauna while it has now also been developed for tourism, with several taverns and cafes around the perimeter.

Sirikari Gorge

Sirikari Gorge

The village of Sirikari is 55 kilometres west of Chania in an area drowned in greenery thanks to the countless chestnut trees and the many running glasses of water.

Two parallel gorges start from this village, Tsichliano and Sirikari, both leading to the village of Polyrrhenia.

Sirikari Gorge

It is a village with a long history that goes back to ancient times, evidenced by the walls and the citadel, which are located on a high hill.

The gorge is one of the most interesting in Crete and one of the easiest, and it is suitable for everyone as the route of about 6 kilometres is passable, moving next to the river and is completed in less than 3 hours by crossing a small stone bridge.



It is one of the strangest landscapes not only in Crete but also in the whole of Greece, which reminds some of a lunar landscape, and others liken it to the similar formations of Cappadocia.

This strange geological phenomenon with its vertical formations is located near the village of Potamida Kissamos, in the west of the prefecture of Chania, and has extremely easy access for all those who want to see such a strange phenomenon up close.


It is thought that they were formed millions of years ago at the bottom of the sea, which explains why marine fossils have been found on them. The hills consist of soft clay with a conical shape and plants on top of them.

The formations are very close to the village, and it is worth a short detour on the way to Elafonisi for such a special landscape.

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