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5 Reasons Why You Need to Avoid Doritos

It is virtually impossible to eat just one, two, even three Doritos. Before you know it the bag is half gone, and your thumb and forefinger are coated in that telltale orange dust. But as much as you love eating these chips, be it Cool Ranch, Cheese Supreme, or Salsa Verde, you probably don’t know all that much about your favourite snack.

Man of God

‘Man of God’: A Work of Beauty and Love

In these days, very rarely do we find made a film made about a true saint, let alone a film about a true saint that is very well produced. Yelena Popovic has written, directed, and produced in partnership with Mt. Athos’ Vatopaidi Monastery, the St. Maxim the Greek Institute, and Europgroup Ltd. such a film with the St. Nektarios biopic “Man of God.”