Harvard University’s special feature on Greece: “Celebrating a bicentennial of democracy in its birthplace”

“Two hundred years ago today, Greece declared its independence. From the start, Harvard was there, helping both in the fledgling Mediterranean country and back in the United States.” Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, publishes a special feature on its university publication, the Harvard Gazette, honouring the bicentennial anniversary of the Greek Revolution.

Viral petition by Chanel Contos calls for earlier sex and consent education in Australian schools

Chanel Contos – The Greek-Australian changing sex education in Australia

The impact of 23 year old Greek Australian Chanel Contos’ campaign against sexual abuse and harassment has led the Australian Ministry of Education to announce that it is making changes to the teaching of sex education immediately. Schools across Australia will soon provide information on consent, respect and sexual abuse for pupils up to the age of 12.

It is a first victory for Chanel Condos and the thousands of girls who have endured the traumatic experience of sexual abuse or harrassment. 

George Clooney Parthenon sculptures

George Clooney repeats call for Parthenon sculptures’ return

George Clooney repeats his claim that the Parthenon sculptures should be returned to Athens. This comes despite the fact that in 2014 when he said that returning them was “the right thing to do”, Boris Johnson compared him to Hitler. Last December Clooney admitted in an interview that the comparison: “still makes me laugh. Bit of a stretch.”

Dr Nicholas Lelos talks COVID-19 vaccine

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate? Dr. Nicholas Lelos answers your questions about the COVID-19 vaccine

COVID-19 is on the global stage and efforts to vaccinate the vulnerable are now in full swing. Dr. Nicholas Lelos answers the questions we are all asking including; Will the vaccine be successful in preventing transmission of the virus? What is in the vaccine? Which of the vaccines do we choose to take? Is the end of COVID-19 in sight?