No Positive Sample from Greek Football Player

The “blue and white” are ready for the Euro 2024 qualification final

UEFA has informed the Hellenic Soccer Federation that no positive sample from a Greek football player exists. An earlier publication claimed that a Greek international football player who was included in the team for the Euro 2024 playoffs final with Georgia in Tbilisi was found to be doped.

As was emphasized in the said publication, "the name will not be announced before the examination of the second sample, while it will only be made public if and as long as the second sample is positive. In any case, the Greek national team does not face any sanction, only the player."

The website that published the news said its information was "confirmed by the Lausanne-based International Testing Agency."

Before UEFA's official report, EPO had responded to the publication with the following statement: "Regarding publications referring to the finding of a positive sample from a football player of the Men's National Team, it is hereby notified that the Hellenic Football Federation has not received any relevant information."

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