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Oakleigh Businesses Team Up for Mural by Renowned Artist Danielle Weber

Dig if U will and Mig Collection, located at 22A Atherton Road in Oakleigh, are collaborating on a major artistic addition to their new shared space. A large-scale mural by acclaimed Australian artist Danielle Weber is currently in the works, adding a splash of colour and local pride to the area

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Repatriation Agreement: 60 Cypriot Antiquities to Return Home

Sixty Cypriot antiquities looted after the Turkish invasion of the island in 1974 are to be returned to the island following the signing of an agreement between Cyprus and German authorities. The Historic Repatriation Agreement signals the final chapter of the Aydin Dikmen case involving the smuggling of antiquities, and was signed in Munich.

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Exploring Greek Influences: Archibald Prize 2024 Finalists

The 2024 Archibald Prize finalists unveiled by the Art Gallery of NSW paint a vibrant tapestry of Greek culture and creativity. From the bold strokes of Eliza Bertwistle capturing the activism of Chanel Contos to Whitney Duan’s portrayal of the dynamic Jordan Gogos, these portraits stand as tributes to the rich heritage and diverse talents within the Greek community. As the anticipation builds for the winner’s announcement, the gallery doors open to an exhibition where each brushstroke tells a story of resilience, inspiration, and the enduring legacy of Greek influence in Australian art.”

Superwog Stars Theo and Nathan Saidden on Their Surprising Success

Superwog Stars' Theo and Nathan Saidden Surprising Success

Sydney brothers, Theo and Nathan Saidden’s ‘Superwog’ success has now reached new heights with the announcement of a new stand-alone series on Netflix titled ‘Son of a Donkey’.

Ancient Greek Goddess of Health Hygieia Returns: 2,100-Year-Old Statue Head Unearthed

2,100 Year Old Head of Ancient Greek Goddess Hygieia Unearthed

“Goddess Hygieia meeting the sun and us after 2,100 years in Laodikei.” After 2,100 years, the missing head of a statue of Hygieia, the Greek goddess of health and cleanliness, has been discovered by archaeologists in the ancient city of Laodicea in Turkey.

Glory Days: Tommy Bayiokos Journeys from Grief to Growth

Glory Days: Tommy Bayiokos' Journey from Grief to Growth

In the wake of his relationship with Grammy nominated and iconic 80’s singer and songwriter Laura Branigan, Greek American actor and musician Tommy Bayiokos opens up about his multifaceted career, heartfelt reflections, and enduring passion for music and performance.

The Alchemist: Iordanes Spyridon Gogos at AFW ‘24

The Alchemist: Iordanes Spyridon Gogos at AFW ‘24

Jordan Gogos, a Greek-Australian multidisciplinary artist based in Sydney, is renowned for his inventive designs and artistic partnerships. After debuting his eponymous label, Iordanes Spyridon Gogos, at AAFW 2021, Gogos continues to challenge conventions and redefine fashion norms with his visionary approach, showcased once more at AAFW 2024.

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