A 2,500-year-old Greek vase might fetch a record-breaking price at auction

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This exquisite 550 BC amphora, believed to be more of an art piece than a storage jar, is estimated to sell between £40,000 and £60,000. Experts believe it was created by Athens's renowned "Swing Painter".

Standing over 15 inches tall and weighing nearly 7 pounds, the vase depicts a fearsome winged Gorgon facing a helmeted warrior driving a chariot. The scene is adorned with decorative patterns and floral motifs.

Auctioneer Aaron Hammond believes this "astonishing survivor" could set a world record due to its historical significance and artistic beauty. He emphasizes the vase's ability to "bridge the gap" between mythology and history, showcasing the enduring appeal of ancient Greek culture.

Named after their artistic styles due to the lack of signatures, the "Swing Painter" is known for depicting mythological scenes on his black-figured pottery. This specific vase, however, is believed to be decorative rather than functional, unlike ordinary amphoras used for storage.

Collectors are expected to be eager to acquire this piece with a rich history that has travelled from Switzerland to the UK through various collections. The previous record for a similar vase falls within the lower range of the current estimate, potentially setting the stage for a historic sale.

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