Pablo Picasso: Ceramics and posters of the great artist are on display in Delphi

Pablo Picasso

See photos of the projects coming to Greece for the first time.

The exhibition "Pablo Picasso: The Brilliant Champion of Art and Democracy Through Rare Posters and Ceramics" highlights the various aspects of the great artist and will be inaugurated on Saturday afternoon, May 11, at the European Cultural Centre of Delphi.

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Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to see 50 rare posters created by the Spanish artist using lithography, copper engraving, and linoleum. They come from the large, world-famous collection of Werner Röthlisberger and are presented for the first time in Greece.

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"Picasso's posters are an integral part of his printmaking work, and his exuberant personality led him to be able to constantly create new works, without copying himself and, at the same time, with his erudition defining deep intersections in the evolution of art. His lithographic, copperplate and linoleum posters express a strong visual verification of his poetry about art and life," explains the exhibition curator, Takis Mavrotas.

"The posters were the means to convey his own messages about peace and democracy, art and life. Posters that always visualise news, messages, or events are of equal value to his drawings and engravings," the curator explained.

"The dimensions of the letters and their design – lowercase or uppercase – with his artistic style are easy to read since sometimes he uses only capital letters and sometimes his handwriting as if it were a personal letter or a private invitation. Thus, with the peculiarities of his graphic character, he manages to impose on the reader a direct personal transmission of his message to the viewer," he added.

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In the same exhibition, 20 representative ceramic works of Picasso will be on display, who dealt with this special art from 1947 to 1971, creating more than 600 art objects with different techniques.

Among them are objects of daily use and decorations, such as plates, jugs, vases, etc. The vase on which he has masterfully depicted a bullfight stands out and is included in the objects that will be exhibited at Delphi.

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"Picasso's posters and ceramics bear witness to his artistic journey and reflect the value of his paintings. The minotaur, centaurs, and fauns appear in his work. These forms exude the joy of life and the Mediterranean light with plasticity and volume through the perspective of transformations. The authentic simplicity of ancient Greek art accompanies the indispensable familiar line of his art," Mavrotas said.

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"Picasso, sometimes as a harlequin and sometimes as a bullfighter, fought violence and obscurantism, serving freedom and human ideals with his art," noted the curator. "A pioneer of the great aesthetic upheavals of the 20th century, he penetrated myths and history, the limits of man and the world."

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