Greece 2021

“After the Catastrophe of Psara” Nikolaos Gyzis

On this day: The Destruction of the Island of Psara

June 21, 1824, the island of Psara, which had joined The Greek War of Independence on April 10, 1821, was invaded by the Turkish fleet, comprising 176 ships. At the time, it was estimated that there were 30,000 people on the island, 7,000 of which were locals and the rest refugees from Asia Minor and nearby Chios, which had been destroyed two years earlier.

'Soulful' Evzones Exhibition Sydney Launch Nick Bourdo Bourdaniotis

'Soulful' Evzones Exhibition Sydney Launch

What began as a project of passion for photographer Nick Bourdaniotis has captured the hearts of Hellenics worldwide, with his hauntingly beautiful photography striking an emotional chord across generations.  His pictures of the Evzones magically encompass Greece’s history, traditions and collective memory, and all that makes Greeks, both in the homeland and abroad, proud of their heritage.