The Dance of Zalongou: The World's Largest Monument Dedicated to Women

Zaloggos 1

Discover the captivating story behind the monumental sculpture of Zalongou, the world's largest tribute to women. Celebrate the spirit of courage and determination through this incredible work of art, created by renowned artist George Zongolopoulos.

A symbol of this freedom is the monument "The Dance of Zalongou" which is dedicated to the heroines of Souliotisses.

George Zongolopoulos from 1954 until 1960 carved 4300 cubes of white Epirotian stone to build the monument "The Dance of Zalongos" which with its unbelievable size, 15 m high and 18 m wide, was to be the largest monument in the world, dedicated to women.

Embark on a journey of empowerment, exploring the significance of the monument in showcasing women's heroism and role in revolution. Join us in paying homage to women's freedom and inspiring their ongoing pursuit of equality on International Women's Day and beyond.


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