Greek Prime Minister Condemns Iran's Attack on Israel; Urges Vigilance Amid Early Wildfire Season

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis

In a Sunday address, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis strongly denounced Iran's recent attack on Israel, labelling it as "extremely unpleasant and very worrying." Mitsotakis expressed deep concern over the escalating tensions in the Middle East, emphasizing the need for immediate action to defuse the situation.

Announcing an emergency meeting of the National Security Governmental Council (KYSEA) scheduled for Sunday at 18:00, Mitsotakis underscored the government's commitment to supporting efforts to de-escalate the conflict in the region.

However, Mitsotakis also turned his attention to domestic issues, expressing alarm over the early onset of wildfires across Greece. Despite being only halfway through April, the country has already witnessed a surge in wildfire activity, with 121 incidents reported within a twelve-hour period.

Addressing the root causes of the wildfires, Mitsotakis highlighted negligence as a significant factor, alongside deliberate arson. He stressed the need for heightened vigilance among farmers and landowners, urging them to exercise caution to prevent further devastation.

Highlighting recent firefighting efforts, Mitsotakis cited successful operations in extinguishing wildfires in Ierapetra and the Pieria mountains within a short timeframe. However, he cautioned that the challenges posed by this year's wildfire season underscore the urgent need for collective action to mitigate the impacts of the climate crisis.

As Greece grapples with international tensions and domestic challenges, Mitsotakis's call for unity and vigilance resonates across the nation. It emphasizes the importance of coordinated efforts to address pressing issues affecting the country and its people.

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