174 Rescued After Deadly Cable Car Accident in Turkey


All 174 people stranded in cable cars high above a mountain in southern Turkey were finally rescued on Saturday, nearly a day after a horrific accident.

One cable car pod collided with a pole, causing it to burst open and plummet to the rocks below. Tragically, one person died, and seven others were injured.

The rescue operation, involving over 600 personnel and helicopters, spanned nearly 23 hours. Teams from Turkey's emergency response agency, the Coast Guard, and various firefighting and mountain rescue units worked tirelessly throughout the night.

Those stranded, including families with children, endured a terrifying ordeal. One survivor described the power cutting out, the pod flipping violently, and the constant fear of swaying precariously for hours.

State media identified the deceased as a Turkish man. The injured, including two children, received medical attention after Coast Guard helicopters swiftly transported them.

The Antalya Chief Public Prosecutor's Office is investigating the accident. Experts will determine the cause of the accident, which occurred on the final day of a major public holiday in Turkey. The cable car line, completed in 2017, undergoes regular inspections.

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