Kasselakis: I have no involvement in any foreign company

Kasselakis, Stefanos Kasselakis

 "I have no involvement in any foreign company," stated leader of SYRIZA - Progressive Alliance Stefanos Kasselakis in an interview with Mega tv station.

Kasselakis unveils plan for European election

Confirming that the issue of soaring prices will spearhead the party going into the European elections, SYRIZA leader Stefanos Kasselakis decried inflationary and speculative suffocation policies, which, he said, the government has consciously adhered to.

The immediate measures he proposed for price increases include, among other things, the introduction of a 5% maximum profit margin on the wholesale electricity market and a cap on the refining and marketing margin at the EU average, the imposition of a ceiling on profits throughout the supply chain, as well as a zero VAT rate on basic goods categories for 6+6 months.


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