Giannis Ploutarchos expresses his love for Australia, performing with his children Giorgos Kakosaios and Katerina Kakosaiou

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Giannis Ploutarchos, along with his children Giorgos Kakosaios and Katerina Kakosaiou, provided Sydney with a night to remember as they took to the stage together at The Juniors in Kingsford on Friday, the 6th of October 2023, brought to you by Majestic Tours and Greek City Times.

The show began with a fantastic performance by Maria Maroulis, who is a resident singer at Kinisi at Trak in Melbourne. Performing some modern classics, Maroulis showed off her range and skills as a musician in the Greek music scene.

Following Maroulis, Giorgos Kakosaios blew the crowd away when he came on and performed a mixture of his original songs and all-time classics. It is evident that, while growing up around a musical family and having big shoes to fill to step out of his father's shadow, Kakosaios has stepped up and is beginning to star as a musician in his own right with his unique style.

Taking the stage and captivating the audience, next was the man that everyone came to see, Giannis Ploutarchos. Ploutarchos delivered an unforgettable performance, showcasing his showmanship, iconic and beautiful voice and years of experience as a singer and performer. The audience was treated to a true masterclass of Greek music performance, hearing all the songs they grew up with live from the man himself.

While the audience was being entertained by a stunning performance by Katerina Kakosaiou and her angelic voice, Greek City Times had the opportunity to speak with Ploutarchos about his thoughts on the Greek community in Australia and the significance of having the opportunity to do what he loves alongside his children.

“I have a special and unique connection to Australia. I have done many wonderful things here, and the people here have loved me for many years. We established a fantastic project here in Australia (The Agapi Foundation), which provides housing and help for needy children. This project has given me strong ties to Australia, so I have a special love for this country.”

Ploutarchos also expressed his gratitude to the Greeks living in Australia, who supported him and made every tour here memorable.

“For 25 years, I have been coming to perform in Australia, and it is truly amazing to see how well-received and loved Greek music is so far away from Greece. I have received so much love and appreciation from the people living in Australia, and for that reason, this country has a special place in my heart, more so than other countries of the diaspora.”

When asked about touring with his children, Ploutarchos expressed that the experience is definitely an emotional one.

“It is a very nice tour and an emotional experience. I am so proud to see my children start their careers in a field that is very difficult to succeed in yet very rewarding and beautiful… I am happy that they are doing what makes them happy.”

The show then concluded with the three singers on stage, complementing each other’s voices and styles in a way never seen before on our shores. With a mix of experienced musicianship and youthful energy, it was a wonderful display of the relationship between father and children that blossomed within a love of music and performance. The audience was treated to a night they will never forget, and the singers were honoured with a standing ovation after a fantastic show.

Next up is Peggy Zina and Kostas Karafotis

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Giannis Ploutarchos expresses his love for Australia, performing with his children Giorgos Kakosaios and Katerina Kakosaiou 45

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