Lefteris Petrounias makes history after crowned 7 time European Champion

20240427 062701

Olympic rings gold medalist Lefteris Petrounias won his 7th European Championship gold medal in the Italian city Rimini making history yet again.Petrounias performed his program last in the rings final among the eight finalists, collected 15.000 points (difficulty score: 6.300, execution score: 8.700), and triumphantly returned to the European top!

The silver medal went to Azeri Nikita Simonov with 14.900 points, edging into a tie with last year's winner, Egyptian-born Turk Adem Asil, who also got 14.900 points but finished 3rd because he had a lower individual execution score.

The 33-year-old "lord of the rings," who was also the top scorer in Wednesday's (24/04) qualifier with 14.966 points, is now the most successful specialist of all time at the European Championships, leaving behind Hungarian Christian Berky, who had won six side horse titles between 2005 and 2012.

Before this year's seventh European title for Petrounias, they were preceded by the bronze medal in his debut at the event in 2011 in Berlin, then six consecutive victories in 2015 in Montpellier, in 2016 in Bern, in 2017 in Cluj, in 2018 in Glasgow, in 2021 in Basel, and in 2022 in Munich, as well as another bronze last year in Antalya.

At the same time, he reached a total of twelve gold medals in major events, including his triumphs in three World Championships (2015, 2017, 2018), the 2015 European Games, and of course the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The Final standings

Lefteris Petrounias (Greece) 15.000
Nikita Simonov (Azerbaijan) 14.900
Adem Asil (Turkey) 14.900
Vincents Heck (Austria) 14.800
Artur Avetisyan (Armenia) 14.800
Courtney Talloch (Great Britain) 14.700
Salvatore Maresca (Italy) 14.566
Ibrahim Tsolak (Turkey) 14.500

Petrounias' medals

2011 Berlin Bronze
2015 Montpellier Gold
2016 Bern Gold
2017 Cluj-Napoca Gold
2018 Glasgow Gold
2021 Basel Gold
2022 Munich Gold
2023 Antalya Bronze
2024 Rimini Gold

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