Turkey Embeds Expansionist Claims in School Textbooks

20240429 045426

The Turkish Ministry of Education has come under fire for promoting illegal territorial claims and revisionist history in its school textbooks while also shifting towards a more nationalistic framework.

The "Blue Homeland" doctrine, featured in textbooks, asserts Turkish ownership of vast maritime areas in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas. This includes Greek and Cypriot waters, which Turkey claims despite being in violation of international law.

20240429 045426
Turkey Embeds Expansionist Claims in School Textbooks 1

Next school year, Turkish students will further enrich their "national consciousness" with lessons on the EEZ, the continental shelf, and territorial waters. The textbooks will also include the Eastern Mediterranean, the Sea of Islands (as the Aegean is called), and the Homeland of the Aethers, as well as the importance of Cyprus for Turkey and the Turkish world.

Critics argue that this integration suggests a shift in approach towards a more nationalistic framework. They warn that the educational material is fostering a sense of nationalist superiority among Turkish students and could undermine regional cooperation.

The move has caused alarm among regional countries, who view it as an aggressive move to undermine their sovereignty. Greece and Cyprus have condemned the claims and urged Turkey to respect the law of the sea.

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